We began working with JML in 2003; during our successful partnership, we have processed 15 large stock deals enabling JML to purchase over £30m of media and business services such as corporate travel using their excess stock.

Watch our testimonial with Ken Daly, CEO of JML:


Please tell us about JML and your point of difference in the marketplace

JML is an innovative consumer products company. Our real point of difference is that every product that we launch is promoted with video, and that might be online in store or through TV. Well, in many ways, we’re quite excited about the period post COVID because the move to shopping online has been accelerated by the pandemic. And JML has been a beneficiary of that.


What effects have JML experienced through the pandemic?

Our E-comm business has grown by leaps and bounds, but at the same time, actually our retail distribution business has also been very, very strong. Our products are the kind of products that people want to buy when they’re at home more, and that’s the trend that we see continuing.


What has been achieved with your partnership with Active?

JMLs partnership with Active began in 2003, and it’s enabled us to leverage the value of excess stock so that we can use that value to buy media, to buy business services like travel, and we’ve also found new routes to market for our excess stock. So it’s been a very, very productive relationship for us.


Does working with Active International affect the relationship with your media agency?

The media buying aspect of what we do with Active, it doesn’t affect at all the relationship that we have with our existing media agencies. So the two work hand in hand, and it’s enabled us to buy over 30 million pounds worth of media since 2003 using the value of our excess stock to bring the costs down.


Please tell us how JML has benefited from incorporating Corporate Trade

Corporate trade has been very, very helpful to JML. We’ve purchased over 30 million pounds of media, TV media, predominantly as a result of the trade deals that we’ve done with Active. We’ve done over 15 big stock deals. And this has enabled us to buy things like travel, office furniture and a whole raft of other business functions, as well as media.


How simple is it to use Active International’s currency of Trade Credits?

So using Trade Credits to help us buy media doesn’t affect the pricing or the plan. Active work with our existing media agency, and the whole process has been very, very straightforward.


What business services do you access through working with ?

Active have provided travel and procurement services to JML, which been extremely useful to us, because again, it enables us to use the value of our excess inventory, and so we buy flights for people like BA, we stay at Accor Hotels, is just two examples. And again, all of this works through Active’s own in-house travel agency.


Would you recommend Active International?

Of course I’d recommend Active International. The service that they provide has been incredibly useful to JML. They’re a very, very efficient organization and above all they’re really nice people to work with. So yes, definitely would recommend them.